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That he rode on a Colt to cut those down who did not believe in him. To me that is two totally different explanations, and just one of my confusions. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me with this problem i have! James the Persian Dreptcredincios Crestin.

Are you labouring under the assumption that God wrote the Bible? Or that that's how most Christians view it? It certainly sounds that way. That's a peculiar attitude that you seem to find only in the various post-Reformation churches. None of the problems you raised stand scrutiny once you realise two things.

First that the Bible was written by men not God. They may have been inspired by God but they certainly weren't dictated to and so they bring themselves to their writing as any author does. Second, that the Bible was never intended to be understood outside of a well defined oral Tradition that was passed down through the Church - and it was the Church that wrote and collected the Bible.

The Bible itself refers to this and it's only when you throw out that Tradition, which is what the Reformers did, that you start to have problems of interpretation like this. The Apocalypse Revelation was always knows to be difficult. It is an account of a vision and is written in symbolic language.

Biblical Oddities: The Ocean In The Sky

The Tradition of the Church is pretty clear on what it means but, for this very reason it remains the only book of the New Testament that is not read in the Liturgy. That Protestants are often more than a little obsessed by the book whilst rarely showing much understanding of its meaning - hence nonsensical heresies like the Rapture is another consequence of the Reformer's abandonment of Holy Tradition in favour of their own personal interpretations.

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Thank you for your help guys. There is another thing that is also confusing to me, this Rapture that everyone talks about. What is it really? I have been told that it is before Jesus returns, where people will just disappear. They are there one minute, and the next not. Is this a story that people make up or is it correct? I understand what you are saying about waiting to have everything in place before i believe.

Its the last thing that I want to do, and I am trying my best not to do it. I guess I am just walking blindly at the moment, trying to find something that is comfortable. And yet, to feel uncomfortable is when you are the most vulnerable and the most likely to recieve what you are meant to.

Sorry, another thing.

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We have much to learn from this friend who teaches us how to pray even when prayer is most difficult God is slow to anger and 4. This anger does not endure. And if one places an emphasis on one of the other a twisted picture emerges In the final chapter , Schlimm addresses how one ought to view the authority of the OT. For Schlimm the ability to disagree with the OT is having a high view of scripture. Schlimm is an excellent writer and very engaging throughout.

He constantly refuses simplistic answers when dealing with the OT that too often seems to characterize many Christian and non-Christian approaches or attitudes.

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Many Old Testament professors and pastors will appreciate this book and find it helpful and sharpening in this way. Why must something be either inerrant reliable, true, correct or a friend in the faith? Why not both inerrant and our friend? Additionally, each page typically contains a pithy quote or two from other authors related to the relevant topic Schlimm is addressing.

These quotes are mostly helpful and stimulating but at times can be disruptive to the flow of the argument as readers have to turn back and forth to find the quote box.

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He defines sin and what we must repent of. Scott Hahn.

Lee Strobel. Albert Schweitzer. Peter J. Gregory Beale.

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Harold W. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. SJ Daniel J. Max Lucado. Christopher R. James L. Henry Wansbrough. John Bevere. Fr Donald Calloway.

Stuff from life: Bible oddities

Dr David Gooding. F B Frederick Brotherton Meyer. Simon John Devries. John Barton. John R. David Bentley Hart.

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David M. Howard Jr. Stephen J Wellum. David Toshio Tsumura.