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Commentary J. Boockmann, F. Directed by V. Paperback ISBN 3 8. Vol Briefe Commentary M.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel bibliography - Wikipedia

Apologia, De motu Terrae, Hipparchus etc. Commentaria in Theoriam Martis. Paperback ISBN 3 2. Semi-parchment ISBN 3 4. De Calendario Gregoriano. In preparation. Besides Kepler's Collected Works some other publications of the Kepler-Kommission are now presented:. The Bibliographia Kepleriana opens up the complete scientific literature of the eminent astronomer and remarkable naturalist Johannes Kepler This volume includes his own works which were printed during his lifetime as well as editions and works on Kepler which were printed afterwards.

EUR 98, Herausgegeben von Kodera, Sergius und Neubauer, Kai. EUR 74, EUR 94, Herausgegeben von Leinkauf, Thomas. Artikel 1 bis 10 von insgesamt 14 Anzeigen 5 10 25 50 Alle pro Seite. Seite: 1 2.

Gesammelte Werke: Paletten (Teil 2)

Gesammelte Werke Hegel, G. Nachschriften u. Newsletter abonnieren Prospekte abonnieren. Neu erschienen. Marx, Karl. Provides access to the following databases: Ei Compendex a bibliographic database of engineering research literature, containing references to over engineering journals and conferences. The database is updated weekly.

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Bruno, Giordano | Werke

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About the Bonhoeffer Bibliography | Columbia University Libraries

EndNote Web is a web-based bibliography management program that can be integrated with Word and database research interfaces. All BU members can create an account and use it online. Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Missions, The records of the Board of Foreign Missions provide invaluable information on social conditions in Greater Syria and Lebanon and on efforts to spread the gospel during the nineteenth century.

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Brecht ‘To Those Who Follow in Our Wake’

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