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And so I did.

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All accomplished in nine years. When I went back to school I realized that this was a one time opportunity. I realized that my mindset was one of the most powerful things I had. Then again a turning point in life, I started my own business. This has been changed into a franchise formula, several accounting and tax offices in The Netherlands.

In the beginning I ran it based on common sense. So I started to attend trainings. The rest of the book is about how to work with your archetype and become a bit more balanced and either less panicky, or less laissez faire. I'd recommend it, if you don't quite know why you deal with money the way you do. Jan 26, Quinn rated it liked it. Pretty good. It's a book that covers a range of attitudes towards money and the pros and cons of each attitude. It was plesantly spiritual for a financial book.

The book was a pretty quick read, the last chapters cover the basics of investing if you've read them once you've read them a million times so I skipped through them. View 1 comment. Jan 08, Marla rated it really liked it Shelves: reference. I'm learning so much. Finally a book about money that I can relate to. Coming at a very serendipitous moment in my life, too! Jan 19, Kimberly rated it it was ok.

I tried Just couldn't do it. Oct 10, Elizabeth rated it liked it. Seem like an odd duet? Not after listening to his discourse on "the wanting mind," an affliction of many here in the U. And not after reading the Dalai Lama's quote: "The simple act of reflecting, the simple act of pausing to consider, to reason, can have an impact.

He plumbs the depth of our conscious and unconscious relationships with money, asking, What's your biggest fear?

What's your most painful memory about money et al. That lays the foundation for the eight financial archetypes, eight core personalities that deal with finances in very different ways, from the guardian and the pleasure seeker to the caretaker and empire builder. Not content with simple descriptions, Kessel provides a full-circle explanation of how to overcome those mind-sets and, yes, then use that newly found wisdom to create a better relationship with the almighty dollar.

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If you have arrived, he claims, money will be "a profounder teacher in your life, guiding you toward this abiding sense of freedom and fulfillment. Copyright Booklist Reviews.

Jun 18, Pablitomix Online rated it it was amazing. This book is most interesting in the world.

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Sep 19, Kaitlin Carleton rated it did not like it. Honestly most of it was repetitive crap. Manifestation stuff. Jul 29, Anders Augsburg rated it it was amazing Shelves: money-finances-investing. A must read for everyone who wants to know more about their unconscious money habits. Gives you a fresh new and deep perspective on how to approach money. Can for sure recommend! Oct 18, Gavin rated it really liked it.

Personal finance guides typically offer a one-size-fits-all approach to having a good financial life. Although such general guides may contain sound advice, they mostly ignore the psychological barriers that can get in the way of following that advice. That is where this book comes in.

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The heart of the book is a description of eight "money types," which are like personality types for the financial aspects of life. By identifying and understanding your dominant money type, you can become more Personal finance guides typically offer a one-size-fits-all approach to having a good financial life.

By identifying and understanding your dominant money type, you can become more aware of your beliefs and habits good and bad concerning money and can then work towards a more balanced financial life. For example, I found that I am a "Saver" because I tend to squirrel away too much of my income out of a desire for security. The book offers specific financial advice tailored to each money type. In my case, it recommends I set aside money each month explicitly for spending for enjoyment, which seems reasonable.

As a side benefit to reading about the different money types, you may better understand your friends' and family members' previously inexplicable money habits! I found this book informative and the advice useful. I don't think it is a good place to start if you are just starting to learn about personal finance, but once you understand the essentials, it is a nice complement to more general personal finance guides. Feb 18, Experience Life rated it it was amazing.

Money has a way of provoking powerful gut reactions — ranging from giddy butterflies to acid reflux — in most of us. According to author and financial planner Brent Kessel, these responses have as much to do with a lifetime of conditioning as with any objective financial reality.

That story has a huge influence on our financial decisions, and a huge capacity to wreak havoc from the psychological sidelines. The concrete planning strategies he recommends are designed to help foster both financial self-awareness and success. Jul 02, Stephanie rated it really liked it. Again think Hmmm Again think this is a keeper I will make no decision now, and just silence my mind and the answer will come to me clearly.

In full disclosure, appreciated that he cited "Its your Money or Your Life" as a resource and a lot of his other connections made sense to me--wasn't as cut and dry as Dave Ramsey--which may not work for some, but think his approach is more life changing and sustaining--focus on inward change and awareness and while a simple concept, harder to implement--but we get a chance each moment: Curious about the other book and headed to the library later, so hopefully we'll connect up! Mar 09, C rated it it was amazing. Hands down one of the best books I've read about personal finance as it get to the root of our relationships with money rather than just going into "how to get out of debt" or "how to save for retirement".

Get ready for a major paradigm shift. Also provides a basic how-to of what to do next. All framed in a spiritual approach, with quotes from the Dalai Lama and other spiritual leaders sprinkled throughout.

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A must read. Mar 26, Sherri rated it really liked it. A different way of looking at finances and what defines success. The personality types Kessel describes are not absolutes, most people will be a combination of two, maybe more depending on the day or circumstance.

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  • The exercises and questions help define a person's type and how to change negative reactions into more positive ones. The usual single-minded methods of how to save, invest and set strong financial goals most advisors advocate are missing here. The different pitfalls that face the A different way of looking at finances and what defines success. The different pitfalls that face the Idealist, Innocent, Caregiver and Pleasure Seeker, types that typically handle money badly, are considered and solutions are offered. One goal, giving, is emphasized for all types.

    There's also practical stuff about what to ask any potential financial planners and advisors, how stocks and bonds work over the long term, and such. Kessel ' s method works better and is less intimidating than the more traditional aggressive or fearful approaches used by other financial writers. Mar 05, Jill rated it liked it. This book started with a lot of promise.

    I certainly "unlocked my money type", but I'm still waiting to achieve "spiritual and financial abundance"! The author really delved into the idea of The Wanting Mind and tapping into your unconscious "issues" e. Core Story that are dictating your financial life.

    Best Personal Finance Books in | Top Must-Read Money Books

    There were good exercises in the book to assist you with this self-examination. The second half of the book was dedicated to helping you balance your harmful unconsious habits with your This book started with a lot of promise. The second half of the book was dedicated to helping you balance your harmful unconsious habits with your innate financial knowledge. I never really figured out what my innate financial knowledge was. There were not enough exercises to help with this. The author has a lot of resources online, included guided exercises and meditations.

    All you will ever need to know about money

    I plan on trying them. Perhaps the online material will supplement the book enough to be able to come back and award it another star. Jun 11, Stacia added it. I finally found a book that approaches finance the way I deal with other areas of my life. Who knew you could deal with money with a similar problem solving set?