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I called out but cannot tell if any heard me; certainly no-one stopped to help. At one point, after perhaps a month had passed, I stumbled out of the door and thought I had achieved deliverance. But it was not the lobby of the Savoy at all, but a vast hall of cracked masonry filled with sand drifts, which gave the impression of a great weight above as though far under the ground.

After that I returned to the revolving door - anything rather than bear the stillness and silence of that empty tomb. I survived on the rainwater that intermittently blew in as the weather changed outside, and once I caught a pigeon that had strayed through the hotel doors. Very tough and stringy meat when one has no fire.

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Was it desperation that led me to recall the stories of my youth? I was half mad by then, certainly; the whole world was on a corkscrew and my mind with it. I found myself thinking of the thread that Ariadne gave Theseus to lead him safely through the Labyrinth.

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It may have been in a delirium that I plucked the end of a thread from my trousers and attached it to the door frame so that even as it whirled around, I could keep my hands on that thread and follow it slowly back until I emerged onto the Strand, in the clear September light, and gulped the sharp and smoky autumnal air.

It could have been a breath on the summit of Olympus, gentlemen, so sweet I found it.

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The minotaur was still there. I gave him a look and he gave me a look back, and I was at the point of confessing how meanly I had thought of him before, and declaring him a good fellow, and I plucked at his sleeve and was ready to embrace him. But do you know what he did then? He called for the police and they took me away, and now I am up on a charge of public indecency. For, you see, in the escape my trousers had all unravelled.

Yours sincerely,. Theodore Lolley,.

Dr Clattercut replies: My heart goes out to you, poor chap. But other than publishing your letter as a caution to others, there is little we can do. My advice is to pay the fine and put the whole thing behind you. Prof Bromfield: Quite. I got in touch with the manager of the Savoy and he tells me they originally had Cerberus on the door, but that was even worse. John Welding 25 January at Dave Morris 25 January at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Welcome to the Year of Wonders The dawn of a new century.

Rainbows and Moonbeams and Super Villains | My OBT

A green comet appears in the sky, heralding a miraculous year when imagination and reality merge. Nothing will ever be the same again - especially not for Jack Ember, reluctant hero, and Estelle Meadowvane, aristocratic astronomy genius, whose adventures for the Royal Mythological Society take them to the furthest corners of a world transformed by wizardry and wild romance. Dave Morris, Leo Hartas and Martin McKenna, creators of Mirabilis , invite you on an epic journey totalling more than comic book pages, a fantasy saga in four seasons for readers of all ages.

The first season, Winter , is now available on iPad and in trade paperback on Amazon. Pearls That Were His Eyes season 2. First issue of Mirabilis season two: Spring. Mirabilis on Kindle USA. Mirabilis on Kindle UK. Mirabilis in iBooks. Mirabilis on the NOOK. Mirabilis on Amazon. Mirabilis trade paperbacks on Amazon US. Blog Feed. Fantasy Literature. By Ken Levine. The Etherington Brothers. Boys adventure comics.

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It's another blog about comics! Rod McKie Illustrations and Cartoons. Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly - Peering at the blurry bookshelves behind me in a photo taken after I came back from Conspiracy 87 my one and only Worldcon , I was reminded of a book I bo Longbox Graveyard.

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Marvel in the Silver Age. Airship Ambassador. Robot 6 CBR. Forbidden Planet International Blog. I hope he can continue to cling to his musical talent as a coping mechanism through his tough times, he is talented and music is excellent therapy because you can focus on your self and making soothing sounds.

Just bought the album for some studying tunes, it's perfect for that.

Rainbows and Moonbeams and Super Villains

I love that album. When we did the flag ceremony at home vs the Broncos a couple weeks ago I was one of the holders and when I ran across during the anthem I ended up right in front of Joe. I told him I loved his album, and he said "thanks, I appreciate it. I'm so glad I got to express that to him before he left the team. My only regret is I wasn't wearing my Barksdale jersey at the time. His electric feel cover is better than the original, and journey to nowhere is beautiful.

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