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In most cases, your door will be going into either a 2x4 wall or a 2x6 wall. In either case, most door manufacturers make a jamb that will fit into that wall, after it has been sheetrocked, without any problem. What to do: By and large, if the door is on an interior wall, you will most likely have walls that are made of 2x4's.

Heroes & Halfwits: The Tomb of Horrors - Chapter 2: There Are Doors

There are a few applications where there might be a thicker wall made of 2x6's, or a thinner wall made of 2x3's, but they are rare. Exterior doors can be a little trickier. Some homes were made using 2x4 construction, and so should have the standard jamb. Some homes are built with thicker walls, made of 2x6's.

A quick trip with a tape measure should give you a good idea of which size wall you have. When you order a jamb, there are certain regular sizes available. There are other sizes, of course, as there are a few other sorts of walls. These, as well as custom sizes are available by special order. What if my home is older? There are still plenty of homes that were built in the age of full sized lumber. These are the ones that are fun to fix-up.

Ordering Doors

Just about everything will need to be custom fit, mainly because the manufacturers stick to where the greater demand is - modern dimensional lumber. The first question is: Do you want an interior or exterior door? This is an easy question. If the door will lead to the outside of your house, or needs to be weather-tight for any reason, then you want an exterior door.

It is made with seals and gaskets around the door, so that cold air and the weather are kept out more effectively. If the door will only go between heated rooms, or into closets, or other spaces inside the house, then an interior door should be what you want.

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You could use exterior doors everywhere, but they tend to be more expensive, and they are not needed inside the home anyway. Next you need to decide the style of the door. This will help to set the style and tone of your home. In traditional houses, 6 panel pine doors are the most common. More recently, hollow core doors have become more popular, thanks to their lower cost but similar styling.

Modern styled homes might prefer a flush door or a different style door altogether. There are also options that can help to recreate an old-world style, with doors that have only two panels, a single panel, or other sorts of combinations. Of course, as you drift away from the more popular styles, the costs tend to rise. With these decisions made, you only need information like the kind of jamb, the jamb size, the swing of the door, and the size of the door.

There are several different sorts of jambs made for doors today. Each one has its own strengths and benefits, as well as its own problems. Split Jamb The spilt jamb is one of the most common, and most popular styles of door jamb. The reason for this popularity is its relative ease of installation. The reason the jamb is called "split" is the the jamb is shipped in two peices that fit together. The two pieces are shaped much like giant "C"s.

One half has the door already mounted to it, with the casing already attached to it. The other half of the jamb also has casing applied to it. Installation is relatively simple with these doors because most of the labor required centers around making sure the door is level and plumb in the wall.

There are no hinges to mortise into the jamb or the door, and the jamb comes together rather easily. The reason for the split jamb is that the two halves come together to sandwich the wall, providing a nice, finished look very quickly. For more details on how to install split jamb prehung doors, check with the manufacturer's recommendations, or ask a salesman. Single Rabbetted Jamb This describes a particular sort of door jamb that is generally found with interior doors.

It gets its name from the single groove, or rabbet that is milled all the way around the frame.

Legal Requirements for Doors

The door then swings into these grooves. This way, the jamb itself is a solid piece of wood, and the jamb itself keeps the door from swinging too far and breaking the hinges. Flat Jamb with Applied Stop The flat jamb with a stop applied is perhaps the simplest sort of door jamb available. It is made of two pieces of wood, unlike the sinlgle rabbetted jamb or the double rabbetted jamb.

This means that it is easier to find acceptable quality wood to make up the jamb, and so is less expensive. The name itself is a description of how the jamb is constructed.

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The "flat" refers to the flat stock that the door actually hangs on. I have no pleasure in you, saith Jehovah of hosts, neither will I accept an offering at your hand. Brenton Septuagint Translation Because even among you the doors shall be shut, and one will not kindle the fire of mine altar for nothing, I have no pleasure in you, saith the Lord Almighty, and I will not accept a sacrifice at your hands.

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  8. Douay-Rheims Bible Who is there among you, that will shut the doors, and will kindle the fire on my altar gratis? I have no pleasure in you, saith the Lord of hosts: and I will not receive a gift of your hand. Darby Bible Translation Who is there among you that would even shut the doors? I have no delight in you, saith Jehovah of hosts, neither will I accept an oblation at your hand. English Revised Version Oh that there were one among you that would shut the doors, that ye might not kindle fire on mine altar in vain!

    Webster's Bible Translation Who is there even among you that would shut the doors for nought? World English Bible "Oh that there were one among you who would shut the doors, that you might not kindle fire on my altar in vain! I have no pleasure in you," says Yahweh of Armies, "neither will I accept an offering at your hand. Young's Literal Translation Who is even among you, And he shutteth the two-leaved doors?

    Yea, ye do not kindle Mine altar for nought, I have no pleasure in you, said Jehovah of Hosts, And a present I do not accept of your hand. Isaiah "What is your multitude of sacrifices to Me?

    §3235. Doors.

    Isaiah Bring your worthless offerings no more; your incense is detestable to Me--your New Moons, Sabbaths, and convocations--I cannot endure iniquity in a solemn assembly. Jeremiah This is what the LORD says about this people: "Truly they love to wander; they have not restrained their feet.

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    Instead, I will finish them off by sword and famine and plague. Malachi You also say: 'Look, what a nuisance! Should I accept this from your hands?

    Ordering Doors | Howe Lumber | East Brookfield, MA

    Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers. Will He be gracious? Since this has come from your hands, will He show you favor? Treasury of Scripture Who is there even among you that would shut the doors for nothing? I have.